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The Pompadour Rose

  • Recipe calculated for 20 pieces
  • 7 completion stages
Corman products used for this recipe


Genoise sponge

  • Heat the eggs and sugar to 40 °C and whip together until they cool down. Add the sifted flour.
  • Spread out onto a baking sheet (30 x 40 cm) and bake at 180 °C for 10 minutes.
  • Cut out 6 cm rounds.
200 g eggs 125 g sugar 125 g flour


Passion fruit syrup

  • Boil the water and sugar, then add the passion fruit purée.
  • Let it cool and soak the genoise sponge with the mixture.
  • Freeze.
50 g passion fruit puree 70 g water 40 g sugar


Mango compote

  • Boil the nappage blond glaze with the lime juice and the passion fruit purée, add the diced mango and the lime zest. Cook for 2 minutes, then add the gelatin mass.
  • For 25 g of the mango compote into 4 cm spheres and pour the rest onto the genoise sponge sheet soaked with the passion fruit syrup.
  • Freeze and cut out 5 cm rounds.
375 g nappage blond glaze 10 g lime juice 40 g passion fruit puree 105 g gelatin mass 500 g diced mango 1 lime zests 5 g passion fruit syrup


Pastry cream

  • Loosen the pastry cream, then incorporate the vanilla powder, the gelatin mass and the 500 g Sculpture, previously whipped to soft peaks.
300 g pastry cream 500 g Sculpture 30.2% fat 2 g vanilla 56 g gelatin mass


Sculpture decoration

  • Whip together to soft peaks.
500 g Sculpture 30.2% fat 40 g sugar


White velvet/coating

  • Melt the cocoa butter and the white covering, mix together.
400 g cocoa butter 600 g white covering



  • For 25 to 30 g of the pastry cream into Flexipan® moulds (ref1331 K50). Insert the genoise sponge rounds with the mango compote and smoothe. Freeze. Remove from the mould and coat with the white velvet.
  • Arrange a mango compote dome onto a 5 cm white chocolate disc. Insert a toothpick to keep the two together, then create a rose by piping Sculpture using a petal nozzle.
  • Arrange a few gold or silver petals on the little cakes.
10 white velvet 20 white chocolate discs, 5 cm diameter 2 gold or silver petals