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Our consumer division is dedicated to retail products that are sold under our brands in Belgium and under the brands of partners throughout the world. Thanks to our steady investments in R&D, we have built a unique range.

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Our co-packing philosophy

Corman’s ambition is to build a win-win partnership with a strong local brand. This co-packing brings together Corman’s technologies and product advantages with the strength of a local brand, its distribution network and marketing and sales expertise.

Unique products, under your brand, to strengthen your position on the butter and cream categories

Tailor-made products, only for you:

  • The fat content that you want (10 to 99.9%)
  • Pure milk fat or blended with vegetable oil
  • Taste tailored to your consumers’ preferences
Our co-packing philosophy

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Fast & Cost efficient

› No industrial investment
› No development cost

Market share & Category leadership

› Your current products + your new products, with your brand, made by Corman

Keep the edge

› You benefit from our innovation pipeline



› Depth: from 10 to 99.9% fat
› Breadth: butter, cream, blends, choco spreads


› Butter with 30% less sat fat
› Full fat butter with incredible spreadability
› Lactose-free half-fat butter


› You are unique: Corman selects only one partner per country

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