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Cream-filled puff pastry cones

  • An original recipe from Ludovic Chesnay et Rony Parijs
  • Recipe calculated for 70 pieces
  • 6 completion stages
Corman products used for this recipe


Corman patisy puff pastry

  • Using the dough hook, combine the flour, Patisy (1) cut into pieces and salt while drizzling in the vinegar and water.
  • Form into a ball and let rest in the refrigerator.
  • Roll out the dough and insert the sheet of Patisy (2).
  • Seal and give it its turns.
2000 g plain flour (T55, approximately 11% protein) 20 g salt 600 g Patisy (1) 760 g water 20 g Vinager 1000 g Patisy (2)


Pastry cream

  • Prepare a traditional pastry cream.
2000 g milk 400 g sugar 100 g cream powder 100 g plain flour (T55, approximately 11% protein) 400 g Egg yolks


Light sculpture cream

  • Stir the pastry cream until smooth.
  • Whip the Sculpture until stiff then gently fold into the pastry cream. 
3000 g pastry cream 2000 g Sculpture 30.2% fat


Milk and egg yolk wash

  • Combine the ingredients.
300 g milk 300 g Egg yolks


Finishing touches

 SQ granulated sugar


Shaping and baking

  • Perform 5 single turns, respecting the resting time between each turn. Roll out the puff pastry to a thickness of 2.5 mm and cut into 60-cm long pieces. Let rest in the refrigerator.
  • Cut into 60 x 2 cm wide strips. Roll up starting from the tip of the cone.
  • Brush with egg wash and coat with coarse sugar.
  • Bake on Siplain mats in a 170°C convection oven for approximately 20 minutes.
  • Let cool before removing from the moulds. Fill each cone with 70 g of light Sculpture cream using an 8-point star tip.