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Make it easier to prepare puff pastry and artisanal viennoiseries
What is the secret behind puff pastry that remains crisp longer? How can you optimize your production of leavened puff pastry for maximum yield? How can you save time when making your viennoiseries? What kind of butter sheet should you choose for easy-to-work-with dough without compromising on good, buttery flavour?

Chef Rony Parijs, who has considerable experience turning puff pastry and working with pastry Chefs, goes over the main challenges that professionals are faced with on a daily basis and offers you concrete solutions that are easy to implement. For ever increasing satisfaction in working with puff pastry and leavened puff pastry, you can depend on Corman to be by your side and guide you.

Rony Parijs, Corman Executive Pastry Chef


The Chef’s secret

Extra concentrated butter 99.9% fat – Sheet

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What is the secret for puff pastry that stays crisp longer?

Puff pastry and viennoiseries get their crispiness, among other factors, when moisture doesn’t seep out between the layers of dough and butter. Using a high-fat butter sheet with low water content creates a better barrier during baking, resulting in an extra crisp result that lasts longer.

Thanks to its high fat content, Corman Extra Concentrated Butter Sheet 99% MF guarantees that your preparations will have an extra crispy texture, as well as even more intense buttery flavour.

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The Chef’s secret

Extra Butter 82% fat – Sheet

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How to optimize your production of leavened puff pastry for maximum yield?

Usually, there is some loss after laminating, as the dough tends to shrink. Using a butter sheet with good plasticity not only allows you to avoid this shrinkage and therefore make more viennoiseries from the same weight of your original dough, but it facilitates rolling, turning and folding, without the butter escaping from the dough packet or having the dough stick to your fingers.

Thanks to its unique texture and plasticity, Corman Extra Butter sheet is the only one that stands up to dough shrinkage so well, allowing you to make more viennoiseries with nice layered pastry, that are uniform and as crisp and flavourful as ever.

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Two-tone pains au chocolat

The Chef’s secret

Dairy butter 82% fat – Block

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Which butter sheet should you choose to make dough packets that are easy to work with without compromising on good buttery flavour?

It is sometimes difficult to have to choose between a butter sheet with good, buttery flavour, but that is irregular and difficult to work with when giving the dough its turns and a butter sheet that boasts good plasticity, but that does not guarantee that good buttery flavour that you are after in your viennoiseries. Ideally, you shouldn’t have to choose!

Corman’s Dairy Butter 82% MF is the best option for those who don’t want to have to choose between practicality and flavour. Along with all the features of Corman’s butter sheet range, this is a firm, supple butter that is easy to work with. Crafted exclusively from fresh cream, it boasts a unique, typical dairy flavour.

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The Chef’s secret

Express Butter 82% fat – Sheet

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How to save time when making viennoiseries?

Preparing your butter sheet before beginning to getting down to preparing your puff pastry can take time. Between bringing it up to temperature and laminating it, precious quarter hours are lost in a full day of production. Using a pre-laminated butter sheet truly makes a difference.

Corman Express Butter Sheet 82% MF does not need to be tempered before use. Its texture is ideal in all seasons, immediately after being taken out of the fridge. Pre-laminated to 8 mm, it already has the optimal thickness. In 20 seconds, you can take Corman Express butter out of the fridge, enclose it in the dough packet and begin to give it its turns. A real timesaver!

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