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Panettone, the delicacy that originated in Italy, where it is usually eaten during the end-of-year festivities, has become a trendy recipe in recent years that is enjoyed beyond the borders of Italy and not just during the holiday season.

Throughout this journey, Chef Giambattista Montanari, the Master of Panettone, guides you through the fundamentals of this recipe that he has mastered to perfection, providing you with advice and tips. As he invites you to discover his country, the Chef shares his creatively composed sweet and savoury Panettones with you at each stop along the way.

The different Panettones
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Pan Meino

  • Type of Panettone : Sweet Panettone

  • Recipe : Panettone with cubed candied orange peel and chocolate chips

  • Chef’s tip : When working with corn flour, it is advisable to use the pre-gelatinization process by cooking it over the heat as for choux pastry.


Panettone de trevisano

  • Type of Panettone : Savoury Panettone

  • Recipe : Panettone with Prosciutto, Tropea onions, Treviso radicchio and Parmesan

  • Chef’s tip : Making a first autolysis with cream gives the dough more tenderness.


Panettone glassato

  • Type of Panettone : Sweet Panettone

  • Recipe : Panettone with pineapple, red berries and juniper

  • Chef’s tip : To make the chocolate glaze more fluid, add 10% rapeseed oil and heat it to a maximum temperature of 30°C.


Panettone milano

  • Type of Panettone : Traditional Panettone

  • Recipe : Panettone with raisins and candied citrus peel

  • Chef’s tip : To incorporate the raisins properly, soak them in cold water for approximately 2 hours, changing the water every 30 minutes. The raisins will be well rehydrated and won’t absorb any moisture from the Panettone.


Panettone opalys

  • Type of Panettone : Sweet Panettone

  • Recipe : Panettone with white chocolate and passionfruit

  • Chef’s tip : To obtain a crunchier exterior and to ensure the inside of the Panettone stays moist longer, all you have to do is top it with craquelin, as for cream puffs!


Panettone Oro Di Puglia

  • Type of Panettone : Savoury Panettone

  • Recipe : Panettone with Caciocavallo cheese, olives and sundried tomatoes

  • Chef’s tip : Using black chick pea flour will give a characteristically rustic flavour to your Panettone.

The creator of these recipes

Giambattista Montanari

Pastry Chef, trainer and demonstrator at La Maison de l’Excellence Savencia®, member of the AMPI (Italian Master Pastry Chefs Academy), the Richemont Club of Italy and Italy’s MLM (Masters of Natural Leaveners and Panettone Academy), Chef Giambattista Montanari is especially well-known for his expertise in and mastery of Panettones.

His passion for and knowledge about natural leavening led him to write two books on the subject. The first was awarded Best Professional Pastry Book in the world in 2016.

Giambattista Montanari, the Maestro of Panettone

Making a successful Panettone recipe

The Chef’s advice

The success of a Panettone recipe depends partly on the starter and how it is maintained. Working with natural leaveners requires patience, precision and passion. Once the starter has been created and has acquired potency, it has to be constantly checked and supervised so that it doesn’t lose its power over time.

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