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Raspberry ganache

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Corman products used for this recipe



  • Heat the cream and the raspberry puree and pour onto the cocoa butter and the chocolates. Add the invert sugar and the sorbitol. Stir until obtaining a smooth ganache.
  • When it reaches 42 °C, add the softened Extra Fondance concentrated butter.
  • Stir again to obtain a smooth ganache and mix briefly.
  • Pour the mass on a plate or Silpat mat and leave to set.
  • Before cutting, reverse the plate and apply a thin layer of chocolate.
  • Cut directly and cover with a thin layer of dark chocolate.
300 g Selection cream 35% fat 300 g dark chocolate 450 g milk chocolate 80 g Extra Fondance 99,9% fat 30 g invert sugar 15 g sorbitol 60 g cocoa butter 240 g raspberry puree