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Nihonshu Candy

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Nihonshu-sake ganache

  • Melt the chocolates.
  • Bring the cream and glucose to the boil and pour on top of the half-melted chocolates in 3 to 4 separate pours.
  • Finish mixing with a mixer.
  • Check the ganache’s temperature.
  • When it reaches 70°C, pour in the sake and then the protein.
  • Fill the molds when it reaches 28°C.
  • Cover to close the mold and top with sesame and fleur de sel before the chocolate fully crystallises.
  • Cover and allow to crystallize completely.
  • Unmold.
500 g Selection cream 35% fat 150 g glucose 60 DE 400 g Extra Amer 67% couverture chocolate 200 g milk chocolate 120 g Japanese sake of good quality 1,5 g Milk protein SOSA Q.S Sosa Cantonese black sesame Q.S Guérande salt