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Passion fruit and Cointreau® praline

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Corman products used for this recipe



Recipe makes 1000 praline

  • Boil the cream, the passion fruit juice and the almond milk syrup.

  • Put the chocolate in a cutter mixer and add the invert sugar and the sorbitol.

  • Pour the boiling cream on to the chocolate and stir. Add the butter and mix together.

  • Lastly, add the Cointreau®.

  • Place sous vide.

  • Fill the (milk or dark) chocolate shells with the ganache (use at 35°C).

  • Leave to harden and close the shells.

610 g Selection cream 35% fat 610 g passion fruit juice 610 g almond milk syrup 2540 g milk chocolate 32,6% 152 g liquid sorbitol 410 g invert sugar 406 g Extra Fondance 99,9% fat 212 g Cointreau® 60%