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Raisin bread

  • Recipe calculated for 60 pieces
  • 5 completion stages
Corman products used for this recipe


Puff pastry brioche

  • Mix together the plain and strong white flours, salt, sugar and butter. Add the yeast that has been mixed together with the milk and eggs.
  • Knead on the lowest speed setting for five minutes and on the second lowest speed setting for 15 minutes.
  • Roll into a ball and let it rise for one hour. Knock back the dough and chill.

*For an even more pronounced roasted butter taste, you can replace the butter with Corman Roasted Butter bucket 2 kg.

1000 g flour (T45) 600 g flour (T55) 30 g fine salt 180 g sugar 150 g butter* 450 g whole milk 75 g fresh yeast 300 g eggs 1000 g Extra concentrated butter 99.9% fat – Sheet


Macerated raisins

  • Heat the juices, pour the grapes and swell overnight.
500 g golden raisins 340 g orange juice 35 g yuzu juice (or rhum, depending on which you prefer)



  • Make a crème pâtissière, and add the cream cheese and the gelatine mass when cooked. 
1000 g milk 80 g flour 80 g cream powder 200 g sugar 200 g egg yolks 10 g vanilla extract 250 g 77 g gelatin mass


Glazing syrup

  • Bring the water, brown sugar, glucose and the gum arabic to a boil.
250 g water 250 g brown sugar 100 g glucose 70 g gum arabic



  • With the butter sheet, carry out three simple turns with the puff pastry brioche dough. Leave to rest in the cold.
  • Roll out to 3.5 mm thick, 35 cm wide.
  • pread 1,500 g of garnish on the puff pastry brioche dough.
  • Sprinkle on 850 g of macerated raisins.
  • Roll and leave to rest in a cool place. Cut into rounds of 3 cm (approximately 100 g).
  • Place into 11-cm buttered rings to expand at 26 °C for approximately two hours.
  • Cook at approximately 165 °C for 18 minutes in a fan oven with the releasing valve closed. Add the syrup when taken out of the oven.