The Valentine's cake

30 servings

The Valentine's cake

Cake mixture (1 kg in total)

270 g eggs
220 g sugar
7 g baking powder
280 g flour
140 g grape seed oil
85 g Sculpture 30.2 % fat
  • In the mixer, whisk the eggs with the sugar. On the lowest speed setting, gradually add the flour mixed with the baking powder. Finish by drizzling in the Sculpture by Corman.

Rose cake

4000 g basic sponge cake mixture
40 g rose water
  red food colouring
  • Mix the additional ingredients together with the basic sponge mixture. Bake in two lined moulds that are 24 cm and 20 cm in diameter, filling them with 2200 g and 1800 g of the mixture respectively. Bake at 170 °C in a convection oven for 1 hour 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the weight. Check whether the cake is cooked using the tip of a knife. Remove from the mould straight away once cooked and leave to cool.
  • Slice the cakes horizontally so that you have three layers of cake that are each 2 cm high. Cut the sponge again widthwise so that the cakes measure 22 cm and 18 cm in diameter.

Lime vanilla syrup

265 g sugar
265 g water
10 g rose water
1/2  vanilla pods
  • Bring the sugar and the water to a boil to make a basic syrup.
  • Heat all of the ingredients together so that the vanilla is properly infused. Soak both sides of the sponge layers with this syrup.

Basic butter cream (1 kg in total)

250 g sugar
70 g water
125 g eggs
625 g Dairy Butter 82 % fat
  • Whisk the eggs in a mixer fitted with a whisk. Heat the sugar and water to 124 °C and drizzle it over the eggs to make a pâte à bombe. Continue whisking so that the mixture begins to cool, then add the tempered butter a little at a time.

Rose-flavoured butter cream

800 g basic butter cream
6 g rose water
drops of carmine red food colouring
  • Using a mixer fitted with a flat beater, mix the ingredients together until smooth. Set aside.

Rose-flavoured whipped ganache

500 g Sculpture 30.2 % fat
1/2  vanilla pods
210 g white couverture chocolate
12 g rose water
20 g invert sugar
3 g gelatin (200 BLOOM)
3 g carmine red food colouring
  • Bring half of the Sculpture by Corman, the scraped vanilla pod and the invert sugar to a boil in a saucepan. Pour over the white chocolate and rehydrated gelatine.
  • Mix using a hand-held blender. Add the rest of the Sculpture by Corman, rose water, food colouring and mix again.
  • Refrigerate until assembly.
  • Once cooled, place in a mixer and whisk. Be careful not to whisk the mixture too much as it may split.

Red berry filling

350 g frozen mixed red berries
60 g glucose syrup
75 g fine sugar
8 g pectin NH
110 g raspberry pulp
35 g lemon juice
  • Heat the red berries with the glucose and the raspberry pulp. Add the sugar and the pectin. Bring everything to a boil.
  • Pour this mixture into two centre moulds that are 18 cm in diameter (use 180 g per centre) and two centre moulds that are 14cm in diameter (use 140 g per centre).
  • Place in the freezer.


  • Using a little of the rose-flavoured whipped ganache, place the red fruit centres on top of the first two layers of each cake, which have been soaked beforehand.
  • Using a piping bag fitted with a No. 20 tip, pipe a ring of rose-flavoured butter cream around the edge of the first cake layer. Fill the middle on top of the fruit centre with an initial layer of whipped ganache (200 g for the large cake, 160 g for the small cake).
  • Cover with the second sponge-centre stack and repeat the process with the rose-flavoured ganache.
  • Place the final soaked sponge layer on the top of each cake. Ensure that the top of the cake is flat when adding the last layer of sponge.
  • Use the rest of the butter cream to coat the cakes on all sides then, place in the refrigerator.


  Cover the top of each cake with approx. 300 g of whipped Corman Sculpture, sweetened (5% sugar) and coloured a very light pink
  almond paste
  • Place each of the cakes on a piece of gold cake board with the same diameter as each cake. Place one cake on top of the other. To support the cake, insert plastic cake dowels the same height as the tiers before assembling the cake. Inserted vertically, and evenly distributed, into the entire surface of the tier, they will hold the two tiers in place. Do not hesitate to use a large number of dowels to ensure it is well supported.
  • To create the design on the sides of the cake, use a piping bag fitted with a large flower tip. Holding the bag at 45 degrees to the
  • cake, pipe long strips that are parallel to each other and overlap slightly. The purpose of this design is to give a three-dimensional aspect to the cake.
  • To make the flowers, colour the Sculpture by Corman with the carmine red food colouring. Try to make different shades of red. Using the marzipan, create a base in the shape of a pear. Pipe the petals around this base using a small, straight or curved flower tips.
  • After having started with a small spiral in the centre, pipe the petals one by one working outwards from the centre. Turn the marzipan base in your hand, using your other hand to guide the piping bag.
  • Once you have made the flowers, place them around the cake. To elevate them, pipe a ring of cream around the cake.
  • Decorate as desired with red berries and butterflies made from coloured pastillage.

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Sculpture 30.2 % fat

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Dairy Butter 82 % fat

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