• Baker-Pastry Chef


  • An original recipe from Giambattista Montanari
  • Recipe calculated for 35 pieces
  • 4 completion stages


First dough - 17:30

  • Melt the sugar with the egg yolks in the hot water.
  • Add the flour and the natural liquid starter, then knead for approx. 17 minutes, until the dough has a good elasticity.
  • Lastly, add the butter. (Temperature of the dough at the end: 25 °C – 26 °C).
  • Leave the dough to rise at 22°C for 18 hours until it has risen to one and a half times its original volume.
  • Prepare the second dough the following morning.


100 g Egg yolks 108 g sugar 125 g water 450 g ‘00’ grade wheat flour – Strength 360 - Resistance/Elasticity 0.60 450 g Natural liquid starter 125 g Dairy butter 82% fat – Block


Second dough - 07:30

  • In a stand mixer, mix together the first dough, the egg yolks and the flour until you have a very elastic dough.
  • Add the sugar, and once you have an elastic dough, add the cream, salt and then, the egg yolks.
  • Lastly, add the butter mixed with the pulp scraped from the vanilla pods.
  • Leave to rest for 1 hour at 35°C, in individual rings that are 4 cm in height and 10 cm in diameter.


1058 g Pre-dough 250 g ‘00’ grade wheat flour – Strength 360 - Resistance/Elasticity 0.60 450 g Natural liquid starter 80 g Selection cream 35% fat 5 g Diastatic malt extract 6,000 UP 50 g Egg yolks 125 g sugar 6 g salt 90 g Dairy butter 82% fat – Block 2 pods vanilla


Puff pastry

  • Roll out the dough and make it the shape and size of a baking sheet.
  • Chill at 4°C and roll out with 500 g of butter, making three letter folds.
  • Leave to rest for 15-20 minutes at 4°C, then roll out to 2.5 mm thick.
  • Spread a mixture of Corman liquid clarified butter and Corman roasted butter over the surface of the dough.




Finishing touches and baking

  • Sprinkle your work surface with Maldon salt and the semi-candied Ciaculli late mandarin and roll up.
  • Cut into slices 1 cm thick and place on a baking sheet. Leave to rise for 5-6 hours at 26°C.
  • Bake in the oven for 20 minutes at 175°C.


Maldon salt Semi-candied Ciaculli late mandarin