Craquelin brioche

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Craquelin brioche dough

  • Make a poolish with the flours (1), milk, egg and yeast.
  • Combine and let rise for 30 minutes at room temperature (23-25°C).
  • Add the sugar, salt and flours (2) and combine using the dough hook on speed 1 for 6 minutes.
  • Knead on speed 2 for 6 minutes.
  • Add the butter (1) on speed 1, mixing for 9 minutes then knead on speed 2 for approximately 5 minutes (to 27°C).
730 g strong flour T45 (approximately 14% protein) (1) 770 g 330 g Dairy Butter 82% fat – Block 31 g salt 110 g sugar 270 g plain flour (T55, approximately 11% protein) 730 g strong flour T45 (approximately 14% protein) (2) 155 g yeast 1165 g milk 130 g eggs 270 g plain flour T55 (approximately 11% protein) (1) 110 g Dairy Butter 82% fat – Block


Milk and egg yolk wash

  • Combine the ingredients.
140 g milk 140 g egg yolks


Shaping and baking

  • Divide the dough into ten 65-g portions. Form into balls and refrigerate.
  • Combine the pearl sugar with the softened butter (2), then incorporate it into the rest of the dough. Divide into ten 420-g portions and form into balls.
  • Roll out the small balls of dough without sugar into Ø16-cm circles then wrap one around each 420-g ball. Form into balls then place the brioches on a sheet of baking paper (seam side down).
  • Let rise for 45 minutes at 26°C. Brush with the milk/egg wash, make 2 incisions on the surface of each brioche and decorate with pearl sugar.
  • Bake in a 175°C convection oven for approximately 25 minutes.
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