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Sylvie Hellweg (Demand Management and Forecasting)

Sylvie Hellweg (Demand Management and Forecasting)

Interview with Sylvie Hellweg (Demand Management and Forecasting) following the floods in July 2021.

What was your role in the recovery of Corman's operations?

The beginning was very complicated. As the person responsible for demand and forecast management, I act as an intermediary between the sales department and the production department. However, after the destruction, we were at zero. There was nothing left to do in my normal job. We finally found some butter stocks that had not been destroyed. We had to check them carefully so that we could use them. It took us weeks.

How did you cope emotionally?

After the first shock, we threw ourselves into our work. Sure, it was completely different, but we told ourselves, "This is for the future. We want to be part of this team". When we see all the work done in the factory since then, we say to ourselves that we are proud to be part of this group. There is a great solidarity and mutual aid. We have exchanged positive messages between colleagues. Each one of us has done his part to get back on track.

What will you be happy about when Corman returns?

To see that everything is running (laughs). To see happy customers. To see life returning to the way it was before. In short, to see that all our customers can be served.
What did you learn?

It was a life lesson. Sometimes we tend to complain too quickly. When this disaster happened, a huge solidarity arose. All in all, you move forward better if you remain optimistic. That's how we manage to rebuild everything.