Tips & Tricks – meet Bruno Zago

As a part of our Tips & Tricks campaign – meet the Chefs, we introduce Bruno Zago, a passionate baker and pastry chef who is fond of Corman products!

“We work with Corman Express Butter Sheet because it is prelaminated.”

Bruno Zago, La Sarrasine, Valenciennes, France.

After a career change, Bruno Zago, a passionate baker and pastry chef as well as a successful entrepreneur, opened three bakery-pastry shops in Valenciennes. Heading a small team in his laboratory located in the city centre and needing a high production capacity, this Chef has chosen Corman Express Butter Sheet. This prelaminated butter saves time when it comes to production – an average of 15-20 minutes per dough parcel. This makes work easier for his team and increases his profit margin!

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