Tips & Tricks – meet Félix Vogel

As a part of our Tips & Tricks campaign – meet the Chefs, we introduce Felix Vogel, a passionate baker and pastry chef who is fond of Corman products!

“We like the unique flavour of Dairy Butter. That is what really makes a difference in our products.”

Felix Vogel, Braunfels, Westerlo, Germany.

In the Vogel family, pastry and chocolate making is a tradition, a passion that has been passed down from father to son for three generations and brings life to the small village of Braunfels in the German countryside.

Felix Vogel, head of the pastry department, was awarded the title of Best Apprentice in France while training in Alsace. Under his father, he went on to take over the family business, which specializes in pastries, viennoiseries, chocolates and brunches.

In order to facilitate his teams’ work, and for the intense lasting dairy flavour that it imparts to his creations, Felix Vogel uses Dairy Butter and has done so for many years, because it makes all the difference.

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