Tips & Tricks – meet Alex Holemans

As a part of our Tips & Tricks campaign – meet the Chefs, we introduce Alex Holemans, a passionate baker and pastry chef who is fond of Corman products!

“I actually have a much higher yield for each piece of dough because there is a lot less shrinkage.”

Alex Holemans, De broodkrumiel, Westerlo, Belgium.

The bakery De Broodkruimel, which means “bread crumb”, was founded by Alex & Heidi, who had both been interested in baking since their childhood. Together, they revived an old neighbourhood bakery in the small German village of Westerlo. Over the years, their small neighbourhood bakery has become a a thriving environment where the innovative and flexible hiring policy allows their 70 employees to flourish.

In order to make his teams’ work easier, Alex Holemans has chosen to use Corman Extra 82% M.F. Butter, which enables him to have a better yield thanks to the butter’s texture and suppleness, which makes the dough less likely to shrink, while ensuring increased production of croissants of even thickness.

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