Meet Lluís Costa!

Consistency, taste and tradition are values dear to Lluís Costa

Born in a family of pastry Chefs, Lluís Costa enrols in pastry studies and begins working in his parents’ shop at 16 years old.

Lluis Costa

Later on, he joins some emblematic Barcelona pastry shops like Bubó, where he learns alongside Carles Mampel, before taking over his parents’ bakery with his brother.

Thanks to his work and his talent, Lluís Costa has been awarded many Spanish awards:

  • award for most innovative young artisan
  • award for best croissant
  • award for best biscuit
  • award for best chocolate panettone
  • award for best traditional panettone

Lluís’ motto is the consistency and the taste, as well as professionnalism. He shares these values with Corman, which he joined as an Ambassadeur in 2023.