Lluís Costa, twice winner of the title of Best Panettone in Spain!

For the first time in the history of the Best Panettone competition in Spain, a Chef has won the double title of Best Traditional Panettone and Best Chocolate Panettone.

It was the title that was missing from his palmares. Lluís Costa, Corman’s Ambassadeur in Spain, won both prizes for the Best Panettone in Spain (traditional and chocolate) at the annual competition held on November 7th at the Gastronomic Forum in Barcelona.

This is an unprecedented situation in the history of the Best Panettone in Spain, which was celebrating its eighth edition this year: until now, no Chef had won the two titles of Best Traditional and Chocolate Panettone.

Lluís Costa had previously won the Best Croissant in Spain in 2015, and the Best Biscuit in Spain in 2018. Since then, he has been vying for the Best Panettone in Spain, without imagining that he would win the title in both categories. In total, more than 80 panettones were assessed by the two juries (one for the traditional panettone and another for the chocolate panettone).

Lluís Costa was presented with the award for Best Chocolate Panettone in Spain by Eric Ortuño, the previous winner. Alongside his brother Gerard Costa, with whom he runs the family patisserie Vallflorida Xocolaters, he warmly thanked those who had supported and accompanied him during his panettone apprenticeship, including Bruno Andreoletti, Antonio Bachour and Jose Romero. But he didn’t expect to be called up to the stage a second time, when Daniel Jordà, who won the title last year, announced his name and presented him with the award for Best Traditional Panettone in Spain 2023.

A double title that will go down in the history of the competition! We would like to congratulate Lluís Costa on his commitment and dedication, which have enabled him to win this double title that he so richly deserved. We are delighted and proud to have him as our Corman Ambassadeur in Spain. Well done Lluís!