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Joyce Antoine (Sales promoter)

Joyce Antoine (Sales promoter)

Interview de Joyce Antoine (Promotrice des ventes) suite aux inondations de juillet 2021.

What was the most difficult part of your job during this crisis?

First of all, we had to stay calm. Generally speaking, we were able to do this well. Then we had to continue to communicate with customers. The hardest part was not being able to promise them anything. Fortunately, there was a lot of understanding and even empathy from our pastry and bakery customers. They were clearly expecting, but also confident. The fact that we are part of the Savencia Group clearly worked in our favor.

How did you cope emotionally?

Since the Covid 19 health crisis, I have been actively practicing "letting go". In fact, I started doing meditations. It also helped me a lot to cope with the new situation after the destruction of the production lines. And then, within Corman, I learned a lot too. The reactions were very human. The management communicated very well. Everything possible was done to reassure us.

How did you manage the first phase after the disaster ?

I am a sales promoter in Wallonia. In normal circumstances, I visit customers and prospects. I then follow up on the sales and present new products. But there, immediately after the disaster, everything had to be reinvented! There are four of us in our team and we all continued to work full time. We contacted our customers and explained the situation to them. In September, during an open house at a wholesaler's, we saw many customers again. It was very important to be able to communicate with them.

What are the challenges for your team this year?

Our mission will be to review and find the majority of our loyal customers. We will have to redirect them towards our products that are available again, especially for butter in sheets. We are the leader in the field of tourage butter. It is clear that some customers have gone to find alternatives with our competitors. The goal is to rebuild a partnership with our customers. We remain very optimistic that this will be successful.