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3 simple strategies to get the most out of the easter celebrations
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3 simple strategies to get the most out of the easter celebrations

With Easter preparations in full swing, Corman has some useful tips to help you make the most of the year’s second most important festival for the bakery-pastry shop sector.

Stand out with a store-wide theme

By choosing a theme for Easter, you will naturally find ideas for decorating your store to give it character and a certain cachet to attract customers’ attention. They will be more easily tempted if your window display tells a story: by downplaying the commercial aspect of your product range, you are purging it of guilt and distancing it from the actual act of purchasing. Finally, giving your store a theme is an excellent way of developing your brand image.

Quick win for a store-wide theme

The new trend in this hyper-digitalised era is for a return to the friendly corner shop to re-establish a real connection with the customer. For the Easter period, don’t just see your shop as a sales point, but as a place of exchange and sharing around your products, your baking secrets and especially your values.

Choose a theme which best tells your story and reflects your convictions, and develop this storytelling throughout the store.

  • Show your creativity: design several products on the same theme, such as the cinema, childhood or popular history. Customers will be impressed by your culinary imagination and will readily join in the game.
  • Show your heart: sponsor a charity and display some photos of the wonderful projects you support. Customers will like to feel they are doing a good deed by buying your products.
  • Show your organic credentials: display traceability information on your display counter, the logo of your certifications in the window and think about environmentally friendly packaging. Customers will appreciate your commitment and be reassured about the quality of your products.

Why not consider renaming some classic products for Easter? Revamp your product names, and create personalised labels for your Easter storytelling!

Boost your sales with interactive communication

With its sense of sharing, the Easter period is an excellent pretext to (re)connect with social media. As well as raising the profile of your bakery-pastry shop, these networks will help you maintain close contact with your customers. For example, they can leave comments about your shop and your products. You can also develop their loyalty by showing them your new creations, which will make them want to keep coming back!

Quick win for social media success

In itself, the simple fact of being present and active on social media costs nothing, except time. It’s up to you to find the frequency which suits you: every evening, every weekend, three times a week, in the morning between customers, etc.

Once this schedule has been fixed, why not organise a special photo competition for Easter? For example, invite your customers to post a photo showing their own Easter traditions on your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter page. The photo which attracts the most comments and ‘likes’ wins an Easter surprise, to be picked up directly from the shop.

Create a real customer experience

Easter is the ideal opportunity to create a buzz in your shop. Customers nowadays expect to experience something special, and shops with the most appeal are those which offer a real experience with the brand or product. This is also true in bakeries and cake shops. Your objective is to wow your regulars and to convince new customers to walk through the door of your shop.

Quick win for creating a customer experience in your bakery/cake shop

The current trend in terms of customer experience in a shop is for ‘test and learn’. A simple strategy which sets out to be both useful and enjoyable: you offer the customer a moment of conviviality, while presenting the uniqueness and the quality of your products. You can convey this in a very tangible way through a quick, informative tasting. Easter is synonymous with chocolate. Why not simply invite your customers to taste the different chocolates you use in your recipes?

Take them on a journey with pieces of chocolate of different textures from all four corners of the world: Ivory Coast (which represents 32% of global production), Brazil (11%), Indonesia (10%), etc. Depending on their reactions and preferences, you can then guide your customers towards a particular dessert on your display counter, giving them the added value of personalised advice.

Ready for all the excitement of the Easter preparations?