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The Cactus Cake

10 servings / 6 individual cakes

The Cactus Cake

Muffin mixture (1 kg)

100 g Dairy Butter 82 % fat - Block
165 g icing sugar
95 g eggs
185 g whole milk
16 g baking powder
270 g flour
90 g egg whites
40 g sugar
40 g grape seed oil
  • In a mixer, using a whisk, mix the softened butter with the icing sugar. Then, add the eggs, which should be at room temperature, and continue to whisk the mixture. Gradually drizzle in the milk, which should already be brought up to room temperature. Lastly add the baking powder and flour mixture.
  • Whip the egg whites to soft peaks and stiffen with the sugar. Add the whisked egg whites to the first mixture.
  • Use some of the mixture in the oil and carefully mix it all together with the basic mixture.

Chocolate sponge

1700 g basic muffin mixture
100 g cacao powder
  • Mix the cocoa powder together with the muffin mixture. Bake in a lined mould that is 20 cm in diameter for the large cake, and in baking tins that are 7.5 cm in diameter for the individual cakes. Use 1500 g and 70 g of mixture respectively for each mould. Bake at 160 °C in a convection oven for 25 minutes to 1 hour depending on the weight. Check whether the cake is cooked using the tip of a knife. Remove from the mould straight away once cooked and leave to cool.
  • Slice the cakes horizontally so that you have three layers of cake that are each 2 cm high. Cut the sponge again widthwise so that the cakes measure 19 cm and 7 cm in diameter.

Cacao syrup

250 g sugar
250 g water
20 g cacao powder
  • Heat all of the ingredients together until the mixture begins to boil. Soak both sides of the sponge layers with this syrup.

Sichuan pepper, tonka bean and chocolate cream

225 g whole milk
225 g Sculpture 30,2 % fat
50 g sugar
71 g egg yolks
320 g dark chocolate 70 %
  Tonka bean aroma
6 g sichuan pepper
  • Bring the milk, Sculpture, pepper and the tonka bean aroma (or 2 grated tonka beans) to a boil in a saucepan.
  • Mix the egg yolks together with the sugar and add this to the first mixture. Then, cook to 85 °C. Pour the resulting crème anglaise through a chinois onto the chocolate couverture. Using a hand-held blender, mix for a long time, being careful not to introduce any air bubbles.
  • Refrigerate until assembly.

Basic dark chocolate ganache (1 kg)

550 g extra bitter chocolate
375 g Sculpture 30,2 % fat
30 g invert sugar
75 g Dairy Butter 82 % fat - Block
  • Bring the cream to a boil and pour over the chocolate and invert sugar. Mix thoroughly using a Bamix®. At 45 °C, add the butter and mix again. Leave to crystallise before use.


1000 g basic dark chocholate ganache
200 g dark chocolate crunchy pearls
Ensure the ganache is at room temperature before assembling the cake.
  • Using a piping bag fitted with a No. 20 tip, pipe a ring of dark chocolate ganache around the edge of the first cake layer. Using a piping bag, fill the middle with 300 g of cream, scattering the crunchy pearls in the middle of the cream. Cover with a layer of cake and repeat the process. Place the last layer of soaked sponge on top making sure that the top of the cake is flat. Use the rest of the ganache to cover the cake on all sides then, place in the refrigerator.
  • Proceed in the same way for the individual cakes.


400 g Cover the top and sides of the cakes with sweetened (5% sugar) Sculpture
  variety of food colouring
  • After having covered the cake with a good layer of Corman Sculpture, make stroke marks with the rounded tip of a metal spatula.
  • For the cactus decorations, use different types of tips (fluted, basket weave, round, etc. ) to pipe the Corman Sculpture, coloured beforehand with food colouring. Make the cacti in different sizes to add volume to the cake.
  • Make the cactus flowers using very bright colours and a cone or a flower tip.

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Dairy Butter 82 % fat - Block

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Sculpture 30,2 % fat

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