Working with Corman

Since 1935, Corman’s employees have been designing, manufacturing and marketing the best butters and creams, thanks to a unique and always innovative know-how in milk fat.

Currently, more than 400 collaborators bring life to the company located in the foothills of the High Fens, in a green welcoming landscape. Every day, we tackle challenges together to achieve our objectives and to make our company strive, in an atmosphere of warmth, trust and respect.

What our colleagues say…

Who better than our employees can describe their working environment?

Corman is a great company to work with. We’re like a large family, getting larger and larger.

What a pleasure to work in the countryside, without the congestion and traffic jams of the cities.

I have an excellent supervisor, who manages his team as a diligently as possible.

I am proud to be part of such a company, always striving at innovation, motivation, creation and finalizing new products/projects…

We all have a job open to development.

I am happy to be part of a company where the management understands the importance of events like St Nicholas’ day for the kids, the open house day and the long-service.

Our work atmosphere is very pleasant and we feel safe and well supervised.

One can feel a real motivation from the management to listen to the recommendations to ever improve our working conditions.