Nutrition commitment « Leading the way to better nutrition »

This is the very vocation of Groupe SAVENCIA.
This consideration to providing products that are healthy as well as tasty is also at the heart of Corman’s vision.

The pleasure of butter and cream for all: Butter and cream are indulgent products by nature. They bring flavour and texture to every meal.

For everyone to fully enjoy them, Corman develops products that combine taste and wellness:

  • Corman is the worldwide expert low fat butter and the inventor of cholesterol and/or saturated-fat reduced butters.
  • Balade Vital is the first butter specialty that helps maintain a normal cholesterol level.
  • We also propose lactose-free butters and creams.

Naturaliness / Clean label

Naturalness is a core value to Corman, in both our recipes and processes.

All our products are manufactured only with physical processes, without chemical treatment.

We systematically try to avoid additives (E numbers) when designing of our new products. Furthermore, we re-formulate our existing products to reduce or remove these additives. We participate in our clients’ efforts by proposing «  clean label «  dairy ingredients to replace additives.

We maintain a strict Zero GMO policy in our factories.