Quality commitment

Corman’s Quality commitment is: « to provide superior quality products and solutions with unmatched performance. »

Quality philosophy

Food safety, quality control and management are the essential constraints to satisfy all our clients.

We propose technical, sophisticated solutions and all our clients know that they will receive safe products, with consistent characteristics, that will deliver the exceptional results they expect.

Quality Policy

To control and guarantee food safety, we implement policies which go beyond regulatory requirements.

Corman’s quality policy is applied to all its processes to ensure that the technical characteristics of a live product like butter remain consistent.

Our 4 Quality-Safety tools are applied to raw materials, processes and finished products:

  • Traceability
  • Quality assurance policy
  • Critical points analysis
  • Food Defense


A daily tracking!
Traceability monitors several criteria of the following products and components:

  • Solid and liquid raw materials
  • Ingredients
  • Packaging
  • Work in progress
  • Finished products
In any situation, the Quality Assurance System guarantees at least an identification of these elements and a production batch number traceability.

Finished, shipping-ready products are identified with the item number and batch number written on each packaging, package and pallet, along with documentary monitoring.

Our certifications

Our efforts and achievements are endorsed by the sharpest certifications.