Corman launches Sculpture: a new whipping speciality for exceptional decorations

Corman has developed a whipping speciality with exceptional sculpting power for an elegant, meltinthe-mouth finish. Discover its full range of possibilities and give a new dimension to your creations!

Pastry becomes a work of art

Pastry has become a work of art, embellished with finely chiselled decorations revealing sublime volumes and vibrant colours. Fruits, creams, details carved from almond paste or chocolate, smooth and glossy glazing, a bold interplay of textures… The

techniques for creating new shapes and new styles are infinite, at a time when consumers seek lightness: both in their mouths and in shop displays.

Easy to use, Sculpture enables all artisans to give free rein to their creativity… And to sign their pastries with finely chiselled decorations.

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