In all laminated products, sweet or savoury, croissants, Danish and other puff pastries, butter is the key ingredient for the taste, development and crispness that delight consumers. It is our historical core business and one of the pillars of our reputation.

Thanks to Corman’s butters, concentrated butters and blends, you have the guarantee to receive a product that works on your lines and brings you the quality expected whatever your specificities.

In the crunchy and crispy world of biscuits, cookies and other crackers, butter comes to bring its unique touch of sweet palate, its flavours and its lingering taste.

The vast world of pastries and cakes, from madeleines to brioches, from panettones to fresh pastries, is a world of pleasure where butter and cream play a central role. These ingredients must bring the taste, the texture and the hold to the products.


Key benefits

  • 100% suitable for extrusion/automatic lamination processes
  • Regularity of the product performance
  • Economic efficiency (cost in use)
  • Selected origins: Butter PDO Charentes-Poitou, Ireland