Tips & tricks – meet Kenny Metsu

As a part of our Tips & Tricks campaign – meet the Chefs, we introduce Kenny Metsu, a passionate baker and pastry chef who is fond of Corman products!

“Corman Patisy Sheet enables us to have beautiful, profitable products, with an excellent quality/price ratio.”

Kenny Metsu, Warlop, Poperinge, Belgium.

At Warlop, baked goods are a family affair. Surrounded by his three daughters and his wife, Kenny Metsu has taken over Warlop, a bakery in the village of Poperinge. This charming boutique, located right in the town centre, proposes a number of specialties, and in particular, twenty-five types of bread.

The Corman Patisy Sheet, characterized by a blend of butter and selected vegetable fats, seems to be an evident choice for Kenny and his family. This sheet boasts a high melting point, which makes it easier to work with in a bakery kitchen, while insuring the production of attractive, tasty products as well as a good quality/price ratio.

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