Tips & Tricks – meet Bart Bekaert

As a part of our Tips & Tricks campaign – meet the Chefs, we introduce Bart Bekaert, a passionate baker and pastry chef who is fond of Corman products!

“My pastries remain crisp longer, and their buttery flavour and aroma stand out as well.”

Bart Bekaert, Bekaert Bakery, Evergem, Belgium.

After working as a baker and pastry chef for over twenty years, Bart Bekaert’s shop was destroyed by a fire in 2020. With enthusiasm and determination, this Chef rebuilt his shop, opting for an open kitchen, to ally tradition with authenticity. For him, advocating in-house-made products is at the heart of his profession. He even makes his own flour, which is ground using his very own mill.

By using Corman Extra Concentrated 99% M.F. Butter Sheet, the Chef offers crisp products to his customers, because the texture and suppleness of the butter garantee the crispness and flavourness of puff pastry creations all day long.

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