The best of butter for the success of artisans

Choosing Corman is opting for:

  • the pleasure of butter, without constraints or difficulties
  • performance and top quality all year long
  • guaranteed success for your products

The no.1 butter expert, making professionals’ lives easier

Since 1935, Corman revolutionizes the world of butter and fat for the success of artisans. Over the course of 80 years, the Belgian company has developed a unique and innovative butter know-how that it puts at the service of artisan bakers and chefs. The quality of its products and its ability to adapt to different needs has made Corman the world's number one milk fat producer today.

In a nutshell:

  • 4 production sites located at the heart of the key milk production areas in Europe: Belgium, Germany and Ireland
  • 80 countries in which our products are distributed
  • 480 employees, including 430 at the headquarters in Belgium
The no.1 butter expert, making professionals’ lives easier

The butter sheet inventor

Corman is the inventor of a world premiere: the butter sheet for making pastries and croissants. All around the world, bakers have been able to make their day-to-day work easier and to achieve extreme regularity in the success of their products. As a result, Corman has become the world reference for butter sheets, and several generations of bakers have been using them.

The butter sheet inventor

A unique knowhow

Thanks to its expertise, Corman creates exceptional butters and creams by their performance, practicality, taste and nutrition, adapted to the uses and expectations of professionals. The expertise is based on 3 pillars:

  • A rigorous selection of high quality raw materials
  • An unparalleled expertise to extract the best of fat using innovative, exclusively physical processes
  • A composition of 100% natural recipes

Some key dates

As a pioneer, Corman has always revolutionised the world of butter, creams and buttermilk. The purpose of this is constant research is to help you to develop and offer new creations. Corman’s innovations constantly maintain your activity on the move.

  1. 1985

    First concentrated butter sheet

    Creation of the first concentrated butter sheet with high fat content (99,9% fat), for a rich and deep flavour of pastry products.

  2. 1989

    Butter sheet 82 % fat

    Creation of the butter sheet with a fat content of 82 %. Its benefits? Good taste and easy to work with.

  3. 2001

    Dairy butter

    Launch of the Corman dairy butter sheet premium label with a taste of fresh cream and easy to work with in all seasons. Its premium "Extra quality" label is similar to the superior quality label in Europe ("Beurre Rose" in Luxembourg, "Markenbutter" in Germany…)

  4. 2011

    Extra butter

    Yet another revolution with Corman Butter Extra! This butter sheet will increase your productivity; you will, thus, make more croissants than with a sheet from the competition.

  5. 2016

    Express butter

    Launch of the revolutionary and ready-to-use Corman Express layering butter. This butter sheet is ready to be folded into the dough straight from the refrigerator and pre-laminated to 8 mm.

  6. 2018

    Organic dairy butter

    Launch of the Corman organic dairy butter made of premium cream from certified organic agriculture. Its and good taste remain consistent all year round.

Our butter specialities

Our butter specialities

Roasted butter, liquid clarified butter and Extra Fondance concentrated butter are our butter specialities and suited for chocolatiers. These three unique butter specialties are ideal for chocolatiers looking for high quality, easy to use ingredients to enhance their creations. The roasted butter, thanks to its exceptional taste, exalts the flavors of milk chocolate ganaches, pralines and caramel filling. the liquid clarified butter is perfect to improve the melting in the mouth of ganaches of pralines or homemade spreads. Neutral in taste and color, Extra Fondance is particularly recommended for fruit ganaches and those with dark or original chocolates.

Our Horeca range

Our Horeca range

We know that creativity and saving time are crucial in cooking. That’s why we have developed a new, innovative range for chefs and restaurant managers who want their excellent creations to set them apart. Our three top-quality products are ready to use right out of the fridge and 100 % natural.

Partner of the best artisans in the world

With the Corman butter sheet, the Belgian know-how has been travelling around the world. In fact, it is marketed in more than 50 countries.

It has contributed to the success of artisans in France, Belgium, Italy and Germany. It is also used by pastry chefs of big starred hotels in Asia, Australia or even in the Middle East. Corman butter has also been chosen by the best artisans. Corman is thus the partner of the "Meilleur Ouvrier de France Pâtissier-Confiseur" competition, which defends the values of craftsmanship and good-quality ingredients, but also of the Accademia Maestri Pasticceri Italiani (Accademy of Italian Master Chefs). It is also a partner of the Richemont Club.

Partner of the best artisans in the world