Giambattista Montanari

Pastry Chef, Trainer and Demonstrator Corman Italia

Since 1979, when I have started this wonderful job, passion has been my leading principle. Passion allows me never to stop, to work with intense dedication, and never to stop investigating, discovering, knowing and studying.

From these words, one can deduce that this giant (more than 2 meters tall) hides a lot of modesty, one of his features allowing him to be a very good trainer and to be able to transfer his skills in a very simple and practical way, combining them with a congeniality which is typical of Romagna.

Giambattista was born and bred in Romagna on the Northen Italian cost and started his confectioner career in 1979. After an experience of about 10 years, he opened and managed two pastry shops and provided advice to other pastry shops that are to be opened. He also has collected several prizes such as the Pastry International Gran Prix in 2007. Since 2007, he has been working at Corman as a Demonstrator Technician. Giambattista, who has always been “in love” with Corman butter, is taking care of all one-to-one training sessions and collective courses in Italy aimed at Corman customers. Always willing to share his experience and knowledge, he also faces his job with great curiosity and keeps learning and renewing himself. For this reason, he has attended and is still attending many training courses himself. Throughout the years, he became an important representative of the pastry - bread making field in Italy, particularly because of his great skills in the leavened dough processing, which are typical of Italian tradition, such as panettone, colomba and pandoro.

Giambattista, who is very creative, has always been a promoter of quality, not only in terms of raw materials, but also of processing techniques, such as the one with natural yeast - his great passion. He wrote a book about it called “pH 4.1 scienza ed artigianalità della pasta lievitata” (leavened dough’s science and craftsmanship) awarded in 2015 as the best Italian professional book and winner of the prestigious Gourmand Awards, as the best professional book in the world, in 2016.

Rony Parijs

Executive Pastry Chef and Demonstrator Corman

Rony Parijs is from Grimbergen, Belgian Flemish Brabant.

Fascinated since his 14 years by the world of chocolate and pastry, Rony now has a very rich and diversified work experience. Indeed, he was a teacher for 8 years, but also independent chocolatier-pastry chef and consultant in the field. Driven by his passion and the desire to pass it on to others, Rony joined the Corman team in 2015 as a demonstrator. It is with great enthusiasm that he develops our recipes and gives valuable advice to bakers all over the world.

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