Ghee originates from India and the Middle East.

It is known under various names, depending on the country: Butterghee – Clarified butter - Maslee - Meshho - Roghan - Sam - Samin - Samna – Samuli, Ghritam - Havish - Sarpish - Ajya.

Loved for its taste, it is used to cook and to prepare pastries.

Since 1960 Corman proposes Ghees with a high level of quality and consistency, thanks to great raw materials selection and advanced production techniques.

Obtained by purely physical processes, they contain a minimum of 99.8% milkfat (FIL International standard 68A).

Exporting ghee to more than 20 countries, Corman proposes:

  • Traditional butterghee
  • Extra white butterghee
  • Butterghee with typical/adapted flavours
  • Butterghee with enhanced nutritional profiles
  • In metallic tins or plastic tubs, from 15 to 21kg
  • Either under your own brand or our Green Mountain brand!