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Cocoa and amaretti shortcrust pastry

210 g Dairy Butter 82 % fat - Block
180 g icing sugar
60 g powdered amaretti
100 g whole eggs
120 g flour for shortcrust
300 g flour for shortcrust
40 g cacao
5 g salt
Soften the butter at 25 °C. Add the icing sugar and eggs in a kitchen machine with k beater. Mix without adding bubbles of air. Add the powdered amaretti. Combine everything with the first amount of flour. Finish the dough with the remaining flour and the cocoa powder. Put in the refrigerator at 4 °C for at least 3 hours then roll out to 2.5 mm about 850 g per 60x40 cm sheet. Weigh each ingredient separately. Bake at 160  C in a fan oven with the valve open. The cooking time will vary according to the size, height, shape and type of oven used. Note: to keep the humidity, we recommend sealing it when it is still hot with cocoa butter melted at 55 °C or  micronised when it comes out of the oven.

Chocolate mousse with caramelised sugar

38 g caster sugar
100 g Sélection cream 35 % fat
25 g egg yolks
30 g sugar
120 g cocoa paste
300 g Sélection cream 35 % fat
50 g powdered amaretti

Caramelised the sugar and add the cream to stop the cooking and prevent hardening. Add the egg yolks and sugar a little at a time and while continuing to mix and bring to 82 °C. Remove from the heat and pour onto the cocoa paste and powdered amaretti. Add the lightly whipped cream at 40-45 °C.

Peach cake

53 g peach purée
100 g skimmed yogurt 0.1% fat
40 g Liquid Clarified Butter 99,9 % fat
2 g grated orange zest
8 g yeast
120 g flour 220/240 w p/l 0.45
30 g egg yolks
9 g miel d'acacia
57 g sugar
5 g egg whites
90 g diced sautéed peaches

Whip the puree, egg white, honey and sugar. When it is half whipped, pour in the egg yolks and finish whipping. Add the sifted flour together with the baking powder and finally the yogurt with the peaches, zest and the liquid butter. Spread on a flexipan or silpat sheet 59x39 cm. Bake at 220 °C for 8 minutes.

Sautéed peaches

80 g pêches au sirop
20 g sucre de canne
10 g Roasted Butter 98 % fat

Melt the sugar in a non-stick pan, add the butter in pieces and then the peaches cut into cubes. Sauté until the peaches are soft.

Peach mousse

320 g peach purée
120 g lemon juice
58 g gelatine
160 g swiss meringue
280 g Elle & Vire Professionnel® Sublime cream 36.5% fat

Heat the lemon and peach puree to 45 °C, add the gelatine and mix with the Italian meringue. Finally, add the lightly whipped Sublime and mix well.

Swiss meringue

60 g egg whites
120 g sugar

Heat the egg white and sugar to 65 °C, put in the kitchen machine with whisk and whip until it cools down.


To prepare these individual servings, silicone moulds are required. Put the peach mousse into the mould and cover with a layer of peach cake smaller than the mould so that it does not show once it is turned out. Freeze. When you want to assemble it, pour about 35 g of chocolate mousse into the shortcrust tart (this varies according to the size of tartlet you are making), cut out a disc or square of peach cake and fit it to the edges of the tartlet. Blast chill at 4 °C. Remove the peach mousse from the moulds and sprinkle with yellow velvet. Place on the tartlet and decorate.

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Dairy Butter 82 % fat - Block

Dairy Butter 82 % fat - Block

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Sélection cream 35 % fat

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Liquid Clarified Butter 99,9 % fat

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Roasted Butter 98 % fat

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