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The Duna tart from Yann Duytsche

<strong><u>Recipe</u></strong><br /> Sugared almond pastry<br /> dolç frangipane<br /> Light mousse with “Almond inspiration” chocolate<br /> “Dulcey” crémeux<br /> Crystallized coriander leaves<br />  <br /> <strong><u>Also required</u></strong><br /> Fresh apricots<br /> Split Marcona almonds <br />  <br /> <strong><u>Equipment</u></strong><br /> 14 cm Pavoni steel rings ref XF1520<br /> 16 cm Pavoni steel rings  ref XF1720 AF002<br /> 45 mm silicone mould <br />  <br /> <strong><u>Assembly and presentation</u></strong>   <br /> Prepare the light mousse with “Almond inspiration” chocolate, fill in the sphero moulds and freeze.<br /> <br /> Prepare the sweet pastry bases.<br /> Prebake at 150 ºC until they begin to colour, then half-fill each ring with frangipane. After baking, cool in the freezer.<br /> <br /> Make another mousse with “Almond inspiration” chocolate and fill the tarts to the edge. Remove from the mould and distribute in balls over the surface of the mousse. Freeze. Prepare the piping bag and decorate the pies with the hot “Almond inspiration” mixture.<br /> <br /> Decorate with apricots, split Marcona almonds and crystallized coriander leaves.

The Duna tart from Yann Duytsche

Sugared almond pastry

240 g butter
180 g icing sugar
4 g salt
100 g eggs
60 g ground almonds
120 g flour (T45)
350 g flour (T45)
  • Prepare an initial mixture with the softened butter, fine salt, icing sugar, powdered almonds, eggs and the 120 g of flour. Be careful not to whip up the mixture.
  • When the mixture is homogeneous, quickly add the remaining 350 g of flour.
  • Leave to rest for at least one night. The base is placed in 8 cm rings.
  • Leave for 1/2 hour in the refrigerator and then bake in the oven at 150 – 160 ºC until the dough turns light brown.

Almond frangipane

500 g Marzipan 50%
200 g butter
200 g eggs
200 g pastry cream
  • Loosen up the room-temperature marzipan by adding the softened butter little by little.
  • Blanch. Finish by adding the pastry cream and then the eggs one by one.
  • Cook at 160 °C in a ventilated oven with the door open.

Pastry cream

120 g milk
15 g Sélection cream 35 % fat
7 g cornstarch
4 g strong flour (T55)
16 g egg yolks
40 g sugar
  • Boil the milk and cream.
  • Mix the starch, flour and sugar and then add the egg yolks.
  • Pour the boiling milk over this mixture and then pasteurize everything.

“Almond inspiration” light mousse

500 g milk
1000 g Sélection cream 35 % fat
10 g Gelatine leaves
930 g Chocolate “Almond inspiration”
  • Soak the gelatine in plenty of water.
  • Boil the milk and add the well-drained gelatine. Pour about 1/3 of the hot liquid over the chocolate and mix with a whisk to obtain a smooth, elastic and shiny texture, a signal that the emulsion has started. Add the rest of the milk, maintaining this texture.
  • When the chocolate mixture is at 37 °C, add to the frothy whipped cream. Leave a moment in the fridge or freezer until it begins to crystallize, then pour and freeze.

“Dulcey” crémeux

1000 g pastry cream
580 g Chocolate “Dulcey”
8 g Gelatine leaves
  • Hydrate the gelatine, prepare the custard cream, add the gelatine and pour everything over the chocolate, leave for a minute and then remove 3/4 of the liquid, begin the emulsion with the blender, adding the rest little by little.
  • Keep in a flat container covered with cling film overnight in the refrigerator.

1000 g custard cream for “Dulcey crémeux”

405 g Sélection cream 35 % fat
405 g milk
160 g egg yolks
80 g sugar
  • Heat the cream with the milk and pour over the yolks, previously mixed with the sugar.
  • Cook all the ingredients to a syrupy texture between 82 / 84 ºC, blend and pour into another container.

Crystallized coriander leaves

100 g egg whites
15 g sugar
1 g Gelatine leaves
  • Hydrate the gelatine, soften in the microwave.
  • Add the egg whites, dip the coriander leaves and coat with sugar.
  • Allow to dry.

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