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Girella catalana

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Girella catalana


275 g water
275 g Common wheat flour “00” 330 w p/l 0.55
11 g Brewer's yeast
  • With the water, yeast and flour, form a poolish, leaving it to rise at 22 °C for 1 to 1 and 1/2 hours, in any case until the initial volume doubles in size.


176 g water
61 g Whole milk powder
220 g eggs
826 g Common wheat flour “00” 330 w p/l 0.55
39 g Brewer's yeast
77 g sugar
20 g fine salt
550 g Dairy Butter 82 % fat - Sheet
  • Knead the poolish with the water, powdered milk, flour and remaining yeast, for 5-6 minutes, then add the salt and flour and finish kneading. Total kneading time: 13 minutes. Kneading temperature 22 °C.
  • Spread the dough mixture across a 60 x 40 baking tray and place in the fridge overnight at +4 °C.
  • The following day, remove the butter from the fridge, leave at room temperature for a period of time ranging from 15 minutes in the summer up to 60 minutes in the winter, then laminate it at 7-8 mm in thickness.
  • Roll out the dough mixture, lengthening and widening it, until it's one third bigger in size than the measure of butter.
  • Position, starting from one side of the butter, thus leaving a piece of dough free.
  • Fold the free piece of dough over the butter, and then the remaining piece of dough over the butter, thus creating a fold of three manually.
  • Laminate the dough by creating two folds of three turns. Then leave to rest in the fridge for 20 minutes.
  • Laminate the dough at 2.5 mm in thickness, forming a large rectangle of 53 cm.
  • Spread 520 g of lemon and cinnamon cream across it.
  • Roll the dough into a thin layer, stand in the fridge at 4 °C for around 20 minutes, then cut out circular shapes of 2 cm in thickness.
  • Place into flexipan moulds measuring 12 cm in diameter and leave to rise for 2 hours at 27 °C.
  • Cook at 175 °C for 19 minutes with the valve in a closed position.

Lemon and cinnamon cream

150 g Muscovado sugar
150 g Almond flour
6 g cinnamon powder
5 g grated lemon zest
6 g eggs
550 g Dairy Butter 82 % fat - Block
  • Mix all the ingredients together, using softened butter so the mixture is spreadable.


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Dairy Butter 82 % fat - Sheet

Dairy Butter 82 % fat - Sheet

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Dairy Butter 82 % fat - Block

Dairy Butter 82 % fat - Block

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