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Capuccino croissant

Recipe for 46 croissants

Capuccino croissant


200 g Farina 00 320 w p/l 0,50
200 g water
10 g Brewer's yeast
  • Prepare a poolish by mixing together flour, water and yeast. 


800 g Farina 00 320 w p/l 0,50
10 g Brewer's yeast
120 g sugar
25 g malt
50 g Coffee extract concentrate, such as Trablit
25 g salt
200 g Cold milk
250 g Sélection cream 35 % fat
600 g Dairy Butter 82 % fat - Block
  • Add the rest of the flour (800 g) in a steady stream, taking care to fully cover the poolish. Wait until fermentation begins, i.e. when the first tell-tale cracks begin to form in the flour (average fermentation time approx. 60 minutes at 22 °C). At this point, knead the poolish together with the other ingredients. Knead for no more than 13 to 14 minutes.
  • When kneaded, wrap the dough in plastic film (it should be approximately 26 °C) and leave it to rest in the fridge overnight (0-4 °C).
  • The following day, remove the layering butter sheet from the fridge 5 minutes before required and pass it through a sheeter to a thickness of approximately 7 mm. Remove the dough from the fridge (temperature approx. 6 °C) and roll out until it is a third longer than the butter. Do the first turn by hand, then carry out the next two single turns.
  • Place the dough in the fridge for approximately 15 minutes (at least 1 hour in the summer when it is warm).
  • Remove from the fridge and roll out to a thickness of 3 mm.
  • Shape into croissants, proof at 27 °C for approximately 3 hours with at least 75 % humidity.
  • Glaze with equal quantities of beaten egg and cream before baking. Bake at 180 °C for 19 minutes, with the vent closed for the first 14 minutes. 

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